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20 02 2009

There were pro and anti demonstrations in Westminster last night around the expansion of Heathrow. Those who are against the expansion will no doubt be heartened by the fact that the number of flights over the UK is falling fast,because of the recession.

The recession is destroying jobs in the developed western economies, which is bad enough. But for developing countries the collapse of world travel, which the decline in flights represents, world trade and international capital flows are having a disproportionately harsh impact, as you would expect. Most of the bad news from Africa and elsewhere has so far been drowned out of the western media because of the trivial obsession with bankers’ bonuses amongst other things, but a terrible harvest is underway.

Eco warriors are quick to claim that man made climate change will kill our children in the future and argue that less consumption is good for the planet. But the consequences of the fall in consumption caused by the recession are more  poverty and early deaths for millions in the developing countries today. Is this what they want?



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20 02 2009

There is no doubt in my mind the expansion of Heathrow has to continue to cope with Olympics if nothing else. The recession will not last forever and building of Heathrow is good during recession in terms of jobs.

The recession is destroying jobs in the developed Western economies, However, for developing countries this is not as big a problem, as they run mainly on cash as credit was never easy for them in the past, yes, they will have some impact in terms of loss of tourism with the collapse of world travel, but I don’t believe they will see anything like the decline we will in the West. I say this based on a recent visit to Africa including dialogue with a few locals.

20 02 2009
Vivienne E Heatley

Yes – but how will recession affect the Olympics?

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