Where is Britain (and this blog) going?

25 02 2009

I have made my white paper that was the original basis for this blog available here .

Since I began the blog , only just over a month ago, I have become involved in very interesting discussions with a number of people,some through the blog and some off line. Now I need your help in working out where I should go with it. 

There are some very exciting developments in the pipeline. I have been connected to other people who are trying to look ahead beyond the immediate crisis. Planning for a conference in May, which will take a critical look at all of the crunch related issues, is now well underway, details to follow. The preparation for this conference will definitely become a major focus for this blog.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions about the blog, things you like or do not like,things you would like added. I began to work on this subject because I needed to find out the answers to aspects of the recession I did not understand. Perhaps the blog could take on the role of trying to answer your questions about where our country is going and what we can do to influence its development? I also have a Linked-in group and a Facebook group if you prefer to communicate that way.




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