Holiday readings

24 07 2009

A23XVPHCAQUS926CAFWOPAFCA2EVLBGCAPMTBIPCAW6R2TYCA9Z38H5CASP9KSICAD9ATPYCAG9UCHECA248K9NCAHNB7E8CA0D4K0GCATCPEKWCAPL9XPVCAIZWY50CA855VR1CAEGF8BFCA12PAA1CAV2ZH0A The past 9 months have been full of change and incident. The global economic crisis has shaken the political elites of many countries. In the UK our own government has barely survived. We are now left with the consequences of the recession, rising unemployment and economic stagnation. Over the past six months I have tried to respond to the many problems and questions about the future of the UK which the recession has highlighted. My overall approach is best summed up in this article I wrote in The Times.

This blog is taking a break until September. For those of you who wish to deepen your understanding of the crisis and what lies behind it I would draw your attention to what I consider to be the most helpful articles I have read on this subject.

This article by Gavin Poynter and this one by Phil Mullan explain how the crisis is rooted in the changing material conditions of the western economies over a period of time.

This article by Sean Collins which explains what is specific about this recession compared to previous ones.

This article by James Heartfield and this one by Gavin Poynter which look at the interpenetration of the state and the private sector in the UK.

And finally the white paper I wrote as the recession began late last year and which kicked this blog off.

Happy holidays!!



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