Innovation and inspiration-part 2

2 02 2010

During today’s economic downturn, innovation will be more important than ever. The sooner far-sighted strategies are developed and implemented by government, business and other agencies, the more a better world will be within humanity’s reach. It is not innovation that creates inequality, but the social choices of institutions. We distinguish innovation from fiscal, regulatory, legal and cap-and-trade responses to today’s challenges. Unlike these technocratic measures, innovation has the potential, at least, to increase wealth and opportunity for everyone: it is not a zero-sum game. Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation


This blog has long argued that the UK requires a radical change for the better in its approach to innovation. I am delighted to recommend a new report, Big Potatoes: the London Manifesto for Innovation,which you can register for here, which proposes a 14 point programme for innovation.



One response

6 02 2010
Leigh Caldwell

I’m sorry to say it feels like Big Potatoes has a slightly impoverished view of what innovation is.

I will read the manifesto with interest when launched, and I hope it turns out to be less narrow than it appears, but the description seems to imply that social or economic innovation are not real, and only physical technology counts.

My alternative view:

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