A reminder to MPs who want to Remain.

6 07 2016

Dear Ms Hayes

I wrote to you asking for your support in triggering Article 50 and carrying out the democratic will of the people (as promised in the leaflet that the government sent out prior to the election, see below). Your reply , which I have published on my blog, indicated that you do not accept the result and would be calling for the referendum result to be overturned.

I am not sure how the government’s promise to implement the result could be misinterpreted, but I have reproduced it here in case you had a problem reading it at the time. I may have missed your argument prior to the referendum that the result would not be binding, so please forward it to me if it exists.

13620156_1063903340366425_4929478868460418564_n (1)


Rob Killick



2 responses

8 07 2016
Gordon Harris

The fact that the referendum wasn’t binding is evident from the wording of the statute which authorised it. The earlier referenda regarding electoral reform and Scottish independence were specifically described as binding. This was not, and Hansard reveals that this was a deliberate decision of Parliament. That, I am afraid, is the end of the argument. The referendum on membership of the EU was not binding on Parliament at the specific choice of Parliament – that same sovereign Parliament that Leave supporters were so keen should have supremacy.

11 07 2016
Rob Killick

Well, Gordon, your message to all of those who voted in the referendum either Leave or Remain is ‘read the small print’. As you know this is the refuge of ever huckster salesman in history and I am sure you would not want Remainers to be thought of like that.
Can you name a single politician or campaigner on either side who during the course of the campaign itself said that the result would be non binding? Can you imagine the impact on the people of this country if they were told that the whole thing was a charade?

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