This website is not about the recession,it is about what happens after the recession. The UK has been experiencing relative economic decline for more than 100 years. Over the past ten years it appeared that this process had been arrested, but now the financial sector, property and retail bubbles have burst it looks as if further decline is likely.

The accusation that Britain has nothing to sell has touched a cord. There are calls for more innovation and investment, in the creative industries,in green technologies or biotechnology for example. It is the contention of this blog that the decline of the UK can be arrested,but that the barriers to growth and change are broader than generally realised.

The UK has become a risk averse and politically stagnant country where the state is intervening constantly at every level. Is it possible for genuine innovation and change to thrive inside a society which is wedded to risk aversion,state intervention and welfarism?

Rob Killick

Download my white paper, The UK After The Recession

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29 10 2013
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