Below are some articles, videos, websites, and events I refer to in my blog. 


ARTICLES and BOOKS to read


Fixing Global Finance: How to Curb Financial Crises in the 21st Century by Martin WolfFixing Global Finance: How to Curb Financial Crises in the 21st Century by Martin Wolf (published by Yale University Press)  Read my review




Energise! by James Woudhuysen & Joe Kaplinsky (published by Beautiful Books Ltd.) Read a review




Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism  

by George Akerlof and Robert Shiller (Published by Princeton University Press) read my review here and here


In science, the bizarre is our insurance for the future by Anjana Ahuja

What would you pay for 400,000 new green jobs? by Ben Pile  

UK economy after the recession by Rob Killick (the UK after the recession)

Contriving Against Reality: the G20 summit and the empty shell of ExCel by Andrew Calcutt (the impact of the credit crunch on London)

The Great Crash, 2008: A Geopolitical Setback for the West by Roger C. Altman (why the West is losing the recession)

The Crunch and the Crisis: the unravelling of lifestyle capitalism?  by Gavin Poynter (the crisis of consumer capitalism)


VIDEOS to watch

G20 protests and contemplating on the G20 summit, London 2009

This excellent video charts the mood of the G20 protests that took place before the summit, in London and includes an interview with Rob Killick on some of the key political and economic issues we must grapple with in the face of the current recession and in the years to come – what the leaders in the G20 summit had very little to say on!

EVENTS to attend

Building Digital Britain 

WEBSITES to take a look at

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